CHARM: a Project to Predict Driver Distraction in Intelligent Cars – Edge Hill University

Intelligent vehicles will soon be able to predict driver distraction (and take control) thanks to CHARM

The CHARM project (Context-aware Human Activity Recognition and Monitoring for intelligent vehicles) will enable autonomous cars to predict when the driver becomes distracted (for example when using a mobile phone or getting sleepy).

The research is led by Dr Ardhendu Behera, Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at the Edge Hill University in UK. He is collaborating with some of India’s top universities, the Indian Institute of Science, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras and the University of Bristol.

We plan for 15-20 participants to drive around the busy Indian city of Bangalore in various traffic and weather conditions while we monitor their pose, movements and interaction with objects of interest inside the car such as picking up a bottle or touching the dashboard.

Dr. Ardhendu Behera

The research team will monitor driver’s actions and surrounding traffic as they drive around one of India’s largest and busiest cities.

Ultimately CHARM will recognize in-vehicle activity (attentiveness, mobile phones, drinking etc), possible next activities and be able to anticipate context (congestion, cyclist, roadworks etc.), to enable the vehicle to be context-aware.

Dr. Ardhendu Behera

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CHARM is a 2 year project funded by the UK-India Education and Research Initiative (UKIERI) and the Department of Science and Technology (DST) of the Government of India. It will allow researchers and students to exchange knowledge and visit each country.

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