LEGO BOOST Robot Kit Review – Award-Winning STEM Learning for ages 7-12

The Lego Boost robot kit is one of the best choice for kids with no programming experience who want to start building robots – they will definitely enjoy the process.

An Amazon’s Choice because it’s highly rated and well-priced, the Lego Boost has a 4.4 out of 5 review score, with a majority of positive reviews. This is an Award-Winning STEM Learning Toy.

Age range

The Boost robotic kit is designed for 7-12 year old boys and girls who love to tinker and learn about science. The simple programming interface is easy to get started with, and the visual instructions allow non-readers to use and enjoy it, though more advanced programmers might find it limiting.


The instructions for building and programming the robot come in a simple tablet app that even non-readers can follow. Although it’s possible to find online PDF instructions for building the robot, Lego Boost kits are made to be programmed from a tablet (though many smartphones are a more cramped possibility).

Vernie, one of the 5 example builds that come with the LEGO BOOST instructions.

The app will walk you through the steps to build the example robots such as Vernie, piece by piece, which minimizes the chances of our skipping steps and making mistakes.


The Lego Boost combines building with programming the robot, so it fits well this criterion.


The 847-piece kit consists of Lego pieces, so it’s the most fun and the easiest to build among kits of its size. And the Boost pieces come grouped in numbered bags, making them easy to find. On average, building the example humanoid robot called Vernie, takes about two hours (an enjoyable amount of build time).

But that simplifies only your first build, because once you take it apart the pieces get jumbled together. Kids may have difficulties finding each piece the Boost app mentioned.

TIP: It’s a good idea to place the pieces back in the right bags every time you take a build apart.


The programming language is graphical, which means that each command is represented by a symbol. You can drag and drop each symbol to create a sequence. Although the Boost app doesn’t offer fine-tuned programming options, you can still make the robot roll across the floor, dance, and sing. It’s enough to provide hours of fun for anyone who is just looking to play with a robot.


Future possibilities / Open-ended structure

Though Lego Boost offers five suggested builds, the possibilities for creative expansion are almost limitless. The app offers different options for add-on builds plus related programming challenges.

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