New Sphero RVR: Raspberry Pi, Arduino, micro:bit expandable robot

RVR is the new (2019) all-terrain drivable, high torque robot from Sphero and it’s affordable, and programmable. Through its universal expansion port you can attach third-party hardware such as webcams, microcontrollers, external battery, or whatever else you want.

RVR is not just simpletoy, but a platform for hackers, educators, and “mad scientists” as well as a gadget for students, researchers, and engineers. Put another way, it’s part of the maker scene. With the ability to inject a mini PC into the mix, there is a lot of potential.

As Sphero says, “chances are, if you can hack it, RVR can do it”. It is already armed with an assortment of sensors and built upon Sphero’s Edu app.

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