A study cited by CNN, “Robots and Racism,” conducted by New Zealand’s Human Interface Technology Laboratory, indicated people attribute racial backgrounds to humanoid robots and apply racial stereotypes accordingly. The robot’s race is perceived corresponding to their physical features and color.

According to Christoph Bartneck “It is amazing to see how people who had no prior interaction with robots show racial bias towards them.”

Lead researcher at the Human Interface Technology Laboratory in New Zealand

“Have you ever noticed the popularity of white robots? ”  ask the authors of the CNN news piece.

Pepper, a famous white robot

Giving robots power over humanity is fine, as long as they represent a diverse cross-section of the species they’re going to dominate!

Apparently, the downtrodden peoples of India and Africa will slip back into colonialism, mindlessly deferring to white robot rulers unless a robotic Gandhi or Mandela is built to lead them out of bondage – even though India is a world leader in robotics.

They indeed are, but the only skin-tone beige robot in view is a sex bot and almost none of the plastic-white models featured resemble humans.

If the researchers wanted to smear AI tech as racist, all they had to do was point to facial recognition technology’s persistent difficulties in identifying black faces, a problem that is leading communities across the US to call for bans on law enforcement use of the tech.

But calling out the diversity police on robotics may be just bizarre.

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