The new models include robots based on Tokyo 2020 mascots Miraitowa and Someity and developed by Toyota Motor Corporation.

The Tokyo 2020 Robot Project from Toyota has been completely revealed by the brand as a lineup of solutions that will all be making their debut at the Olympic Games in Japan next year.

The mascots of Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. PHOTO: Yuri Kageyama / Associated Press

To make this the most innovative and technologically advanced Games in history, the Tokyo 2020 and Toyota are working to develop a “mascot robot”.

In addition to welcoming athletes and guests to official venues, Toyota is currently considering plans for a new way for the Olympic Games to be enjoyed by children in Japan, via the mascot robot.

The mascot robot will both allow expressions of arm movements via a remote-location robot, and share force-feedback from interactions.

Toyota will provide a unique way for other guests in remote/distant locations that are unable to be physically present to interact with athletes via the T-HR3 and Mascot robots.

Toyota T-HR3 robot and the Olympic Mascots

Specifically, the T-HR3 robots will be able to reproduce movement from a mascot robot in a remote location in nearly real-time. In addition to providing images and sounds from the remote locations, these robot users will also be able to experience the power of movement and force-feedback, allowing them to converse with and high-five athletes and others, feeling as if they were truly physically present.

By projecting an image of a user from a remote location, the robot will help that person feel more physically present at the robot’s location.

T-TR1 robot from Toyota

With T-TR1, Toyota will give people that are physically unable to attend the events such as the Games a chance to virtually attend, with an on-screen presence capable of conversation between the two locations.

Special-use robots equipped with autonomous functions as part of throwing event (i.e. javelin) operations at the Olympic Stadium.

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