WELWALK WW-2000 : Toyota’s Rehabilitation Robot for People with Lower Limb Paralysis

Toyota Motor Corporation has announced the launch of the new Welwalk WW-2000, a partner robot designed to provide rehabilitation support to individuals with lower limb paralysis. The WW 2000 is an active extension, flexion and rotation movement device, ensuring a certain level of exercise, reducing burdens on therapists.

The Welwalk robot is now available for purchase to provide the joy of walking to more patients.

Photo: Toyota Motor Corporation

Welwalk is designed for helping patients walk on their “own feet”

The older Welwalk model (WW-100) was provided on a rental basis to medical institutions, but the new one will be made available for purchase with the aim of improving overall quality of service and “provide the joy of walking to more patients.”

Freedom of mobility for all, and the joy of self-reliance.

Toyota’s vision for rehabilitation robots
Photo: Toyota Motor Corporation

Welwalk WW 2000 product details

Toyota has been developing rehabilitation robots in collaboration with Fujita Health University from Toyoake City, Aichi Prefecture since 2007. The prior model, Welwalk WW-1000, has received the 8th Robot Award in 2018 ( for the most excellent robots, parts, software and the related utilization, R&D and the activities of human development, through the coordination of Japan Machinery Federation and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry).