The robot venture GITAI Inc., announced that it has developed prototype No. 6 of its humanoid robot. It is remote controlled via Internet and will replace the work of astronauts in commercial space stations, such as space hotels and scientific experiments space stations.

GITAI #6 video update

Currently, astronauts can only work in space for about three months on a single stay because of safety risks such as cosmic radiation. Water and food are also difficult to provide in space.

Frequent rocket launching drastically increase the costs of maintaining space stations. Demand for work in space has rapidly increased with the intensification of space development competition in recent years.

GITAI aims to reduce the cost to one tenth, by introducing a robot that can work on site for a long time, on behalf of an astronaut.

GITAI’s headquarters are located in San Francisco and has a Japanese branch in Meguro-ku, Tokyo. The company has been selected as one of the 10 finalists qualified to pitch at Google Demo Day Asia, held on 20 September 2018, in Shanghai.

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