Mitsubishi’s MWR-1 robot cleans the outer windows of skyscrapers like a human

Mitsubishi’s MWR (Multi – Purpose Wall Working Robot) can perform high altitude work, such as cleaning windows of tall buildings from a gondola. According to the company, it is Japan’s first attempt.

Mitsubishi Jisho held a demonstration in collaboration with Nippon Bissau Corporationat the 新丸の内ビルディング building in Tokyo.

The robot memorizes the window wiping action performed by a person and can freely move the squeegee vertically and horizontally, and improvement of cleaning quality can be expected.

Currently outside windows cleaning of tall buildings is done by several unmanned automatic cleaning units matching the size of the window, or by human workers. By introducing a multifunctional work robot with high versatility, cleaning performance and efficiency are expected to improve.

In addition, the multi-purpose wall work robot can be utilized not only for window cleaning but also for various jobs such as exterior wall diagnosis, repairs and seal changeover.

The Mitsubishi Estate Group pursues a more advanced, efficient and highly value-added facility management way through the introduction of new technologies through cooperation with various companies

The main body consists of a base system and work head. A traveling system is used lateral movemen and the articulated arm has 7 degrees of freedom to secure a wider movable range. It can handle different sizes of windows in the same building or when the shape is complicated. The robot arm is made by Yaskawa Electric.

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