OriHime the Robot: a Non-Contact Reception Solution Made in Japan


The alter-ego robot “Reception OriHime” is a new corporate communication tool optimized for remote work and telework, designed for the “non-contact era”. Although it is remote controlled, it makes it possible to respond as if a person is serving customers directly.

“Ori Hime” acts like an alter-ego of employees who cannot go where they want to go due to distance or physical problems such as pandemics, child-rearing, hospitalisation, etc. It overcomes distances and obstacles.

Orihime Reception Robot

Since one person can connect to multiple OriHime robots, even companies with multiple receptions can use this system efficiently.

Reception staff with excellent reception skills will be able to receive and serve customers with hospitality while ensuring safety. 

Photo: jiji.com

Currently, about 500 OriHime units have been installed in about 80 companies, and they are used not only for telecommuting and meetings, but also as a communication tool for connecting the head office and branch offices and as a communication tool for busy managers.

1. Ory Lab Inc 
2. オリィ研究所、分身ロボット「OriHime」を使用した遠隔・非接触の受付ソリューションの提供を開始