PETER 2.0: A Revolutionary Research Program to Become a Cyborg – Dr. Peter Scott-Morgan

After being diagnosed with MND, Dr. Peter Scott-Morgan, is on a quest to change the world. He is working with notorious tech corporations, scientists and lead experts in order to provide a solution for people who are “frustrated they’re a free-thinking intelligence trapped inside a restrictive physical body”.

If we forever change the world so that anyone, if they choose to, can THRIVE even with Extreme Disability – only then do we succeed.

Dr. Peter Scott-Morgan

He is a scientist, but also the Guinea Pig for this incredibly complex research program. The program has 8 different ‘streams’:

  1. Verbal Spontaneity
  2. Personality Retention
  3. Virtual Liberation
  4. Robotic Mobility
  5. Partial Exoskeleton
  6. All-Access Pass (CYBER)
  7. All-Access Pass (Space-Time)
  8. Change the World

Verbal Spontaneity

Dr. Peter Scott-Morgan envisions an AI system to listen to what’s going on, and then prompt alternative suggestions, according to different criteria. He will then choose the response for the voice synthesizer to use, and maybe add a customized insert, using a predictive text engine, adjusted to the current context.

Working with CereProc, (world experts in text-to-speech synthesis), he has spent 60 hours recording his voice, just before it became too bad to continue. They also enabled Dr Peter Scott Morgan to speak French in his own voice, without requiring any French recordings, by using state-of-the-art language adaptation technology.