The cyborg PETER 2.0 is now online – Dr. Peter Scott-Morgan

The terminally-ill scientist refused to accept his fate – statistically, he should have been dead (according to his website). But he decided to extend his life with the help of cutting-edge technology. He has been through a series of very complex and risky operations.

This article series is dedicated to his journey to becoming ‘world’s first full cyborg’, known as Peter 2.0. The complete PETER 2.0 series

Dr Scott-Morgan had previously labelled this journey as the end of Peter 1.0 and the start of Peter 2.0 the cyborg

Photo: Twitter @DrScottMorgan

The scientist says that PETER 2.0 will be “by far the most advanced human cybernetic organism ever created in 13.8 billion years.”

Dr. Peter Scott-Morgan underwent complex procedures

The roboticist is now “re-plumbed as a cyborg”, with 4 tubes inserted in different parts of his body, in order to keep him alive after he becomes fully paralyzed (except for the eyes). As Dr. Peter Scott-Morgan puts it – his body’s only purpose will be to sustain his brain.

“Just home from 24 days in Intensive Care. All medical procedures now complete and a huge success. My mini-ventilator keeping me breathing is a LOT quieter than Darth Vader’s.”

Dr. Scott-Morgan, Nov 11, 2019
Dr. Peter’s last series of complex and risky operations. Photo: Twitter @DrScottMorgan

Dr Peter Scott-Morgan, aka PETER 2.0, now relies on synthetic speech and has developed a life-like avatar of his face, designed to respond using artificially intelligent body language. He also uses a ‘brilliantly engineered’ wheel chair which allows him to sit, stand, lie down or move fast.

“I’ve got more upgrades in progress than Microsoft”

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Article Source: Twitter @DrScottMorgan